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ASPR Announces 2016 Benchmarking Report Results

State of physician recruitment survey shows significant changes, trends

The Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR), the leading authority on physician recruitment, onboarding, and retention, today announced the results of its 2016 In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report. With more than 150 organizations representing nearly 400 professionals participating in the survey this year, ASPR officials are hailing it as their most accurate reflection of the current state of the industry to date.

“We are excited to launch this year’s results.  Our participation was very strong – increasing nearly 25% from last year,” said Scott A. Hackworth, CPA, who is a vice president at Industry Insights, Inc. and is the survey’s lead researcher. “We saw some great increases in the volume of searches data provided by respondents, as well as the number of recruitment professionals represented by the data.  These jumps coincide with more searches being performed throughout the U.S. and more in-house physician recruiters needed to perform them.”

Among the key findings among in-house physician recruitment departments in the survey are:

  • Positions are being filled quicker. Overall, the average search was filled in 161 days, compared with approximately 200 days reported a few years ago. 
  • Organizations are searching for more health providers. The typical responding organization performed 45 active searches during the course of 2015. This continues a pattern of steady increases, and is more than double, from an average of 20 searches in 2012.  
  • Recruiters are working more. Respondents employed a median of two in‐house physician recruitment professionals (four on average), which has held fairly constant. This continues to help explain the increases in the typical recruiter’s workload over the past several years. Per calendar year, the number of annual active searches per recruiter has climbed from 13 searches in 2010 to 22 searches per recruiter in 2015, an increase in excess of 68% in the past five years.
  • Nurse Practitioners and Family Medicine are in high demand. The top five overall searches conducted were Nurse Practitioner (11%), Family Medicine (11%), Urgent Care (9%), Pediatrics (8%), and Physician Assistant (7%).

ASPR is comprised of more than 1,600 in‐house physician recruitment professionals employed directly by hospitals, clinics, physician practices, academic medical centers, and managed care organizations from across the United States and Canada. ASPR has conducted the In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report since 2011 to provide a detailed analysis of the industry with key statistics on provider recruitment searches conducted by in‐house physician recruiters during  the most recent calendar year. A total of 155 organizations participated providing data for 398 in‐house physician recruiters and 6,515 active searches. The full Report and Searchable Results are available for purchase at the ASPR official website.