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What is an In-House Physician Recruitment Professional?

In-House physician recruitment professionals are employed directly by health care organizations to recruit physicians and other healthcare providers for opportunities within their individual communities. Their goal is to make a good match for the practice, the communities, and the physician and, if applicable, the physician’s family.

Unlike recruitment firms, in-house physician recruitment professionals are part of the healthcare organization’s heart and soul and are an integral part of their facility’s present and future. In-house physician recruitment professionals provide first-hand information on the community and practice because they often live in the same town/city where the practice is based.

In-house physician recruitment professionals are committed to helping physicians find the best jobs for their professional goals, geographical preferences, and lifestyle needs. They introduce physicians to key people in the organization and community, such as administrators, referring physicians, realtors, school administrators, potential employers for spouse/significant others, etc. to ensure that a physician and their family have all of the information they need to make an informed career and lifestyle decision.