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Our new online collaborative tool, designed exclusively for AAPPR members, combines the instant, active response features of the old email Chat listserv with the newer digital friendly discussion forums. You can start new threads in each discussion group or “community” or find archived conversations in real time, daily or weekly digest.

Your current login will give you access to a much more robust platform to engage with fellow members and network like never before. But rather than let us tell you about it, we’d rather you see for yourself. Let’s get started!

  1. Login at using your current AAPPR username and password. Don’t remember what they are?  Go to
    (TIP: We recommend you click on the “remember me” box the next time you log in — then you won’t have to on future visits.) Everyone will be asked to acknowledge the most current Chat Code of Conduct.

  2. You will be subscribed to the Daily Digest version of AAPPRChat, meaning you'll get one email each day containing all of the previous day's posts.
    The other options of subscription are:
    • Real time (you'll get an email every time something new is posted) 
    • Weekly (you’ll get a summary email once a week)
    • No emails (you can view the discussions online but won't receive email)
    • Unsubscribe
    You can change your subscription options here

  3. To respond to a question, use the “Reply to Group” link to send your reply to the group (we encourage this if your response will help others and add to the long-term care body of knowledge); or “Reply to sender” to send a private offline message to the author of the message, perfect to send thank you notes and “me too” requests to share follow up information.

  4. Missed a couple of posts in a discussion? Click the “View thread” link to see the original question and all replies.

  5. You may be prompted to log in the first time. If you are on a private computer, please check the “Remember me” option at login to make it fast and easy to respond going forward.

AAPPRChat is an evolving community. We will introduce new tools in the coming weeks to enhance your experience as well as launch community functionality for our chapters and committees. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions on how we can make AAPPRChat even more valuable to you. 

Additional FAQs can be found here: Help/FAQs 

We also have an on-demand webinar on how to use the new Chat to its fullest potential.

Watch Webinar