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About the Report and Data

Benchmarking Report

This downloadable .pdf report includes comparative organizational profiles, expense statistics, search information, recruiter profile data and recruiter compensation figures. Last year’s report analyzed 6300 physician and advanced practice provider searches nationwide.  The Benchmarking Report includes the following three primary sections:

  • Demographics: Basic information about your organization, your department, and the work of your or your team as a whole.
  • Recruiter Profile: Information regarding title, education, experience, certifications, compensation, etc. on each member of the recruitment department.  In order to enhance the validity of the compensation data, recruitment departments are unable to self-report their compensation figures. Instead, the survey program requires that the compensation values be reported by a member of their organization’s Human Resources department.
  • Searches: Information specific to each search you worked on during the year, such as specialty, population, number of applicants, the current status of the search, etc.

Download a list of current Survey Questions

Searchable Results

Searchable Results is an interactive tool that allows users to select specific data sets, compare, and download into a spreadsheet.  

  • Compare national, regional, population specific, and organization specific data
  • Filter data to create custom reports based on your specific parameters
  • View trends over time of key benchmarks
  • Access a compensation calculator for recruitment professionals
  • Export the data for report generation or quick chart creation in Excel

Organizational Benchmarking Report

The Organizational Benchmarking Report is available exclusively to Survey participants.  It is a customized report displaying the participant's organizational data side-by-side with:

  • All participants nationally
  • Those in the same geographic region
  • Those in like-sized populations
  • Those with a similar number of employed physicians
  • Those with similarly sized recruitment departments

Copyright and Citation

Data and reports, in all formats, are copyrighted by the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR). Reports and data may not be copied, shared, accessed, or distributed to other parties without the written permission from ASPR.  ASPR data may be cited/referenced utilizing the following language,

“Data obtained from the (insert appropriate year) ASPR Physician and Provider Recruitment Benchmarking Report.”


To ensure confidentiality and maintain compliance with Anti-Trust and Safe Harbor guidelines, the survey is conducted, results compiled, and portal hosted by Industry Insights, an independent professional research and consulting firm. For more information about this project, Industry Insights, or its services, please contact: Scott A. Hackworth, CPA, Senior Vice President at (614) 389-2100, ext 105.