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Board of Directors Nominations
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Volunteers are central to the collegial future of ASPR. When you volunteer, your time and expertise allows ASPR to provide essential information and tools, a vibrant community, and unique education that we all value so highly.

The Board Development Committee (BDC) is always looking for members interested in serving on the Board of Directors. We rely on members with the skills, passion, and varied perspectives to build a forward thinking, inclusive, and strategic governing Board.

You can submit your nomination anytime.  Consideration for the 2020 Board ends October 31.

Summary of the Role

The role of every board member is threefold; to approve organizational direction, ensure necessary resources, and provide oversight.  Serving on the board is both an honor and a compliment to you as a professional.  The qualities sought after in board members are the desire to ask powerful questions, to listen for understanding, to gauge what and when to probe, and to appreciate conversation over conflict.  

Time Expectations

There is a minimum of 4 in-person board weekends per year and attendance at the Annual Conference is expected. Your travel is covered by ASPR.  Additionally, board members will have monthly committee and board work and can expect to participate in an average of 2 additional phone calls, during the work day, per month.

Confirmation Process

The BDC will assess and interview potential board candidates and align the skills and competences needed each year to complement the entire board. Once the committee has made its final selection, the final slate is sent to the ASPR Board for approval. Once approved, the slate is presented to the membership.

The slate is presented to the membership at the annual business meeting in conjunction with the annual conference. Members are asked to approve or reject the slate as presented. Slated board members take office immediately.

Assignment of Roles or Titles

Members are elected to the Board but to no specific board position. The roles of President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and Chairs will be decided amongst the Board following the confirmation and then announced to the membership. (Per the ASPR Bylaws, May 2016)

Minimum Eligibility


  • ASPR member for a minimum of 3 years
  • Active participation in ASPR during the last 12 months.
  • Ability to travel for ASPR meetings and attend annual conference


  • Minimum 5 years of physician recruitment or management experience 
  • Fellowship certification
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Served as a Board member or Committee Chair of ASPR, one of its Chapters or Board member of another nonprofit organization.


If you have the skills, passion, and time to devote please fill out the online application form below.  Your thoughtful responses to the question posed on the form will be read carefully by the BDC and will assist in selecting the most appropriate, diverse, and strategic board possible.