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Affiliates and Shared Interest Groups


When you join ASPR, you will also be connected to one of our 15 independent Affiliates (additional dues may apply) -- an added benefit to help you build knowledge, develop your leadership skills and build community.  

Affiliates (formerly known as chapters or regional groups) provide you with

  • Education
  • Community and camaraderie
  • Resources
  • Scholarships
  • Physician Job postings
  • Leadership skill building

If you're already a member of ASPR but haven't yet joined an Affiliate or Shared Interest Group, click the Join button below.While some choices may be included in your ASPR membership, some affiliates require a separate application and additional dues.  

Join an ASPR Affiliate Here

Carolinas Association of Provider Services (CAPS) representing members primarily in North Carolina and South Carolina, their mission is to promote effective provider services in hospitals  by networking with other professional hospital-based provider recruiters to attract dedicated Physicians and Advanced Clinical Practitioners to practice throughout the Carolinas and surrounding states.

President: Misty Daniels

One membership included with your ASPR Membership

Illinois Staff Physician Recruiters (ISPR) dedicated to the development of in-house physician recruiters in their efforts to locate and retain quality physicians and allied health professionals within Illinois.

President: Kip Aitken 

Separate application and Membership Fee: $100 per member

Indiana Society of Physician Recruiters (INSPR) exists to provide an opportunity for in-house physician recruiters in the state of Indiana to network and collaborate on the challenges and potential for recruiting and retaining physicians and other medical professionals. The intent is to utilize INSPR as an outlet for educational opportunities and the ultimate goal to recruit and retain well qualified physicians in and to the state of Indiana. Learn more at

President:  Lauren Carrell

Separate application and Membership Fee: $100

Michigan Recruitment & Retention Network provides collaboration, education and professionalism for its  membership throughout the State of Michigan.

President: Jennifer Feddersen

Separate application and Membership Fee: $150

Mid-Atlantic Physician Recruiter Alliance, Inc (MAPRA) is an organization comprised of in-house recruiters located in hospitals and health systems within the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

President: Stephanie Hutchens

Separate application and Membership Fee: $100

MINK MidwestMD is an association of organization-based physician recruitment and retention specialists from Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas (MINK).

President: Christine Meyer

Separate application and Membership Fee: $200/yr

Northwest Staff Physician Recruiters (NWSPR) supports in-house physician recruiters in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming in their efforts to recruit and retain physicians.

We provide a venue for members of Northwest Staff Physician Recruiters to collaborate by sharing knowledge, experience, and information promoting the success and professional development of each member. Through educational programs, shared resources, and collective expertise, we share best practices for the achievement of high performing recruitment, on-boarding, and retention.

President: Jana Mastandrea

One membership included with your ASPR Membership

Ohio Network of Physician Recruiters (ONPR) shall be to promote professional interests and cooperative action among hospital physician recruiters/physician service professionals in Ohio.

President: Paul Olzak

Separate application and Membership Fee: Prepaid by OHA member hospitals

Northeast Physician Recruiter Association (NEPRA) is a professional association to support and enhance the careers of our members in the northeast U.S. by providing resources, opportunities for networking and an annual educational conference.

President:  Melissa Hale

Separate application and Membership Fee: ASPR Member: $100, Non-ASPR: $150

Southeast Physician Recruiters Association (SEPRA) representing members in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, North and South Carolina. Their mission is to provide networking opportunities, develop and sponsor educational programs and communication mechanisms to directly, efficiently and cost–effectively provide in-house staff recruiters an organization that allows them to share knowledge and resources, advance professional development and promote high quality, cost effective, and ethical recruitment and retention practices.

President: Marshall Poole

One membership included with your ASPR Membership

SWPRA is a group of in-house physician recruitment professionals representing practice opportunities in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

President:  Shonn Scranton

Separate application and Membership Fee: ASPR Member: $45, Non-Member: $50

Texas Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (TexASPR) supports in-house physician recruiters in the state of Texas in their efforts to recruit and retain physicians.

President: Armando Garza

One membership included with your ASPR Membership

Upstate New York Physician Recruiters (UNYPR) represents members encompassing over 40 hospitals across the state of New York.

President: Ginny Olsen

Separate application and Membership Fee: Annual organizational fee: $5000

Wisconsin Staff Physician Recruiters (WSPR), is an organization of healthcare professionals employed directly by the healthcare systems, clinics and hospitals in Wisconsin.

President: Marci Jackson

Separate application and Membership Fee: Contact for rates

The Canadian Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (CASPR) is a professional organization from across Canada whose members primary role is to recruit physicians for their communities, local hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

President: Cindy Snider

Separate application and Membership Fee: $175/yr

Shared Interest Groups

ASPR members can select to be part of any shared interest group at no additional cost. Each SIG may provide additional webinars, conference scholarships, newsletters, chat discussions, and meet-ups. Members may join any* and all of the SIGs through ASPR Chat.

Academic In-House Recruiters (AIR)
Represents a network for in-house recruiters actively participating in faculty recruitment affiliated and/or associated with an academic facility.

Questions about AIR? Contact Interim AIR President: Lauren Judd

Children's Hospital In-House Recruiters Network (CHIRN)
Represents those individuals recruiting for Pediatric specific positions.

Questions about CHIRN? Contact Kathleen Kyer
*Separate joining process outside of ASPR

Federal Recruitment (FRSIG)
Represents those who recruit physicians, and other health care providers into the federal workforce, and to share and replicate best practices and benchmarking data across the federal government.

Questions about FRSIG? Contact James Marfield

Onboarding and Retention (OAR) 
Open to any member involved in onboarding and retaining their organization’s physicians and providers.

Questions about OAR? Contact President: Nicole Buikema