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ASPR Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report

ASPR provides health care decision makers with credible, non-biased information based on a strategic research agenda. 

The ASPR Benchmarking Report provides a detailed analysis of key findings from 130 health organizations from the last calendar year.  

Key findings from the most recent 2018 In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report:

  • Over 70% of participating organizations last year were searching for a Family Medicine physician, followed by Hospital Medicine, Internal Medicine and Neurology, all over 50%;
  • Not surprisingly, Neurology had the highest days to fill (211 days); Family Medicine and Internal Medicine searches, for the typical sized health system required six months to fill;
  • Having adequate support staff and an applicant tracking system were both factors associated with fewer days to fill overall;
  • Organizations with over 50 physician and provider searches per year managed by its in-house team typically have five staff including one or more in support staff roles.  This compares to two staff which has been the typical size of in-house staff for several years.

Download the 2018 Benchmarking Infographic