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ASPR Weekly - June 18, 2013
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ASPR Weekly

June 18, 2013

Board of Directors Elections – Today is the Last Day to Vote

2013 ASPR Member Survey – Closes Friday June 21

ASPR Annual Conference Sneak Peek: Trends in Healthcare Learning Track

JASPR Feature: Motivations for Choosing Rural Practice

Welcome to a New Corporate Contributor – Doximity

June Webinar: How to Recruit Physicians Using Social Media

Board of Directors Elections – Today is the Last Day to Vote

The ASPR Board of Directors election is now open. Online voting is open until June 18. This year we will elect the President Elect, Treasurer and three Members at Large. The Members at Large positions that are up for election are the newly defined Vice President of Education, Vice President of Engagement, and the Vice President of Research. The terms for these positions will begin in August 2013 and end in May 2015. The reason for the term ending in May 2015 is due to the transition of the ASPR Annual Conference from August to May that year. The official transition of Board Members occurs at the ASPR Annual Business Meeting which is held at the Annual Conference.

Online voting via the ASPR website will occur between June 4 and June 18, 2013. Ballots will be tabulated by the ASPR staff under the supervision of the Board. The results will be announced soon after by Scott Manning, ASPR President, on behalf of the Board of Directors.

All ballots must be cast online by 5:00 PM CST TODAY.

Read the Candidate Bios and Cast Your Vote TODAY!

2013 ASPR Member Survey – We’d Like to Hear from You

We invite you to please participate in the 2013 ASPR Member Survey. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Your participation will allow us to utilize your feedback and suggestions to provide you with the most valuable member benefits. Please complete the survey this Friday, June 21.

Participate in the 2013 ASPR Member Survey

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback. Thank you for your participation!

ASPR Annual Conference Sneak Peek: Trends in Healthcare Learning Track

2013 ASPR Annual ConferenceWe are one month away from the early bird registration deadline for the 2013 ASPR Annual Conference!  Save $150 by registering for the conference by July 17th.  Here is a sneak peek at the topics in the “Trends in Healthcare” Learning Track.

Designing a Physician Compensation Plan that Works – Laura Palmer, MGMA-ACMPE
Physician compensation can reward productivity, encourage teamwork, and improve patient care.  A well designed plan helps recruit and retain the right physicians and align their performance to achieve organizational success.  Attendees will learn how to use survey data to create an effective compensation model for recruiting. By determining which benchmarks to use, attendees will be able to explain the plan to candidates and develop a plan that meets the employer's needs.   

Creative Immigration Options for Long-Term Retention of FMG Physicians – Farhad Sethna, Law offices of Farhad Sethna
This presentation will provide a precise, dissection of immigration law as it pertains to recruiting, hiring, and retaining International Medical Graduates (IMG’s). Topics will include a review of available immigration options, specific tools to evaluate IMG candidates, what to look for and ask for (legally) when vetting IMG candidates, solutions to avoid needless rejection of qualified candidates, timeframes and costs, and how to follow the regulations relatively painlessly.   

Building a Bridge Between Physicians and Hospitals – M. Tray Dunaway, MD, FACS, CSP
Physicians and hospitals often have different mindsets that can contribute to misunderstandings and damage fragile relationships. Strong hospitals depend on healthy physician relations to meet future challenges in healthcare. How strong are your relationships with your physicians? Explore the physician psyche and understand the drivers of physician behavior as well as improved ways to meaningfully connect with more physicians more often.

Payments for Quality – Chris Carnahan, Carnahan Group
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("PPACA") of 2010 mandates quality measurement to avoid penalties and to ensure the highest reimbursement rates. This session will focus on how healthcare organizations must analyze clinical information to improve the quality, efficiency and overall value of healthcare as well as lowering healthcare costs.  Basic quality measurement classifications of healthcare metrics include financial, utilization, cost/productivity, clinical performance, patient safety and patient satisfaction.

The Use Of Supplemental Benefits To Favorably Impact Physician Recruitment and Boost Retention – Gary Aden, Stratford 360
Fair market value limits physician pay, however, expanding the total rewards package by adding supplemental benefits, structured to reward career service, is proving a valuable recruitment and retention tool. After a brief presentation of benefits structures that boost physician retention, including an analysis of ROI, session attendees will examine three sample retention issues and practice applying benefits strategies to solve them.

Employment Trends with Hospital Based Specialties - Hospitalists, Surgicalists, Laborists, Intensivists - Susan Masterson, TeamHealth
This session will review employment and recruitment trends in hospital based specialties including emergency medicine, hospitalists, surgicalists, laborists, and intensivists. Attendees will learn past and current statistics, options for staffing services, strategies to attract and recruit hospital based physicians, and how to align recruitment resources to accomodate shifts in services and provider employment. 

Recruiting Advanced Practice Providers (APP s) for Hospital and Clinic-based Practices – David McAnally,
This presentation, based on proprietary research, will provide an overview of advanced practice professions.  Attendees will understand current and future supplies, compensation trends, motivations for seeking new employment, specialties in highest demand, supervision challenges, and regulatory barriers. The differences versus physicians in licensing, credentialing, practice limitations, prescriptive privilege and collaborative agreements from state to state will be discussed. Learn how to employ advanced practice professionals in the most efficient way.    

Don’t miss out on this session and many more like it! Reserve your seat at the 2013 ASPR Annual Conference held August 10-14 at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

Register by July 17 for early bird discounts!

Download Registration Brochure

Register to Attend

JASPR Feature: Motivations for Choosing Rural Practice

Motivations for choosing rural practice

By Sepi Ansar, Resources Director, Fidelis Partners/Medestar, Dallas, TX

JASPR Spring 2013 IssueIt’s no secret that one of the greater challenges we face in physician recruitment is filling rural searches. The country faces a physician shortage, which is only exacerbated in rural designated areas. Challenges with rural recruitment and retention are projected to continue well into the future. As recruiters and members of the health community, what do we have to offer to address this issue? Insight. Every day we speak to physicians to understand the reasons for their job seeking decisions. We do this to gain insight into the candidates’ real needs and goals. Improving and enhancing our current abilities will help us to better present a job in order to appeal to a physician’s true aspirations.

Read more in the Spring Issue of JASPR



Welcome to a New Corporate Contributor – Doximity

The growth and success of ASPR is attributable in large part to the support of ASPR’s Corporate Contributors.   Please join us in welcoming our newest Bronze Corporate Contributor, Doximity and if you do business with them, please thank them for their support.  When you have a need for products or services, please consider our Corporate Contributors, many of which offer ASPR Member discounts.

Doximity Talent Finder

Doximity Talent Finder is the new recruitment platform on Doximity, the largest social network dedicated to physicians and clinicians. Physicians use Doximity to network for career opportunities, connect with colleagues, market their practices and coordinate patient care. With Doximity Talent Finder, you can zero in on the best candidates across the Doximity network, filtering digital CVs by past & present geographic ties, board certification, years in practice, current residents & fellows and over 15 other fields. You can create your own Doximity profile and market your organization, even collaborate across a team of recruiters and physician liaisons. Contact us to schedule a demo and become part of the fastest growing medical network.

June Webinar: How to Recruit Physicians Using Social Media

Registration for this June 26th webinar is now full. If you were unable to register and would like to view the webinar, please watch for it to be posted in the On-Demand Webinar Archive.

Speakers: Ronit Tyagi, President & CEO, and Danielle Smith, Social Media & Public Relations Specialist,

Sponsored by: Description: PracticeMatch Logo

Eighty-nine percent of companies used social media for recruiting purposes this year—were you one of them? As the times change, so does the recruiting industry. Using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn, physician recruiters can appeal to potential candidates in a whole new way.  Learn how you can leap ahead by using technology for your recruiting needs.

With one recent study stating that nearly 90% of physicians are using some form of social media, and another study finding that 67% of physicians used social media when conducting their job search, it’s quite crucial that you, as a physician recruiter and representative of a healthcare facility, must get involved as well. There are countless opportunities to market your healthcare facility through social media and there’s no time like the present to start taking advantage of it.

In this presentation, we will discuss all popular social networking sites and explain the benefits of each. We will also review how you can save money by screening candidates first using various social media sites and how your healthcare facility can appeal to future physician candidates by using social media.


  • How to showcase your healthcare facility
  • Consistently post job opportunities
  • How to market to your target audience


  • What to tweet- quotes, job openings, interesting articles, pictures etc….
  • How to increase followers in your target audience
  • Use a social media management dashboard to schedule and organize incoming and outgoing tweets


  • Share your open job positions all over the site
  • Network, network, network

If time permits we can also touch on the newer social media site, Google+, and discuss the benefits of having a YouTube channel.

Watch this webinar and all prior ASPR Monthly Webinars in the On-Demand Webinar Archive.

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Webinar: How to Recruit Physicians Using Social Media
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2013 ASPR Annual Conference Early Bird Deadline
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